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'Dhareeh Alhub'( Mausoleum of Love )

29.7 by 40cm

Installation of miniature paintings and screen prints in the form of a book.

Acrylic on Paper

This installation was displayed at the Russell Cotes Gallery in Bournemouth for the exhibition 'Artefactum'

The artwork is in the form of a book, the Holy Quran, the religious book of Muslims. The miniature paintings in the book portray the life of Shah Jahan and his wife and how he built the Taj Mahal for her as a sign of love. The Russell Cotes Gallery was also built by Merton for his wife Annie as a sign of love.

The text in the book is written in Arabic, it describes Merton and Annie's visit to India. Each page in the book symbolises the Mughal Reign in India. 

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