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My journey as a textile designer started in 2015,  I travelled to my hometown Kutch which is famous for its magical handicrafts, beautiful textiles, and rich culture.  I spent a few days living with the craftsmen and local artisans discovering new styles of embroidery and weaving which taught me more about Textiles.


After visiting Kutch and learning the entire process of textile printing, I was inspired to make my own textile designs and include them in my paintings. My designs are inspired by the Rogan Painting from Nirona ( Kutch ) and Ajrakh block printing from Ajrakhpur ( Kutch )  and my designs include my own interpretation of these handicrafts.My textile designs are hand painted on canvas, photographed and then digitally printed on fabric.

Textiles and handicrafts have always been very close to my heart as my great grandmother used to paint on saris and various other garments. After seeing her intricate paintings on cloth, I was inspired to learn more about the co-relation between fine art and textiles.Seeing her paintings made me motivated to reach out to entrepreneurs that can help me revive these magnificent crafts and promote the hard working and skilled craftsmen of Kutch.

fabric on chair FMP.jpg
fMP fabric print.png
textile print 3 full.jpg
textile print 2 full.jpg
textile print close up.jpg
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