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Dhobhi Ghaat.jpg

Dhobhi Ghaat


62cm by 45cm

Acrylic on canvas

This painting is a combination of my ethnic culture and tradition and personal upbringing. The black and white visual represents the sights and sounds of Mumbai which one sees on a daily routine in this beautiful metropolitan city. This painting depicts a scene of Dhobhi Ghaat which is an open air laundry space.the washers, known as 'Dhobi's' work in this space to clean clothes of the common man. The portrait is contrasted with colourful geometric designs which are inspired by Ajrakh and Rogan Handicrafts from my motherland, Kutch. The Rabari tribe in Kutch is known for these magnificent textile designs. The use of black paint highlights the historical beliefs of the Rabari tribe as black is the most sacred colour for them.

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